Dino Outbreak is a LEGO Dino game on the LEGO Dino teaser site.


Dino Outbreak is a game developed by LEGO and Tiny Mantis.


Dino Outbreak 2
You play as an Explorer, who tries to
Dino Outbreak
capture Dinosaurs that he let out from a Portal. Five Levels are available to play. Base, Swamp, Jungle, Underground/Waterfall, and a Volcano. Strangely, as the Explorer has a gun, he uses it only to whack down walls.
Dino Outbreak 4
Dino Outbreak 3
Scorpions and Spiders are the main enemies. No Fighting is done in the Game. At the end of each level, the Explorer hops in a vehicle and herds Dinosaurs into a cage. All the LEGO Dino Dinosaurs are in the Game. In Each Level you can find a number of scrolls. You can small pictures that you can print from these scrolls.

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